Police search Standard Chairman’s home and office

Police in Liège have carried out a search of the home of the Chairman of the First Division football club Standard de Liège. Bruno Venanzi’s home was searched at the request of the Federal Judicial Authorities as part of the ongoing investigation into the activities of the football agent Christophe Henrotay. Detectives also searched Mr Venanzi’s office at the Maurice Dufrasne Stadium that is home to Standard. 

Mr Venanzi is a good friend of Christophe Henrotay, who is an influential agent at Standard.  

Mr Venanzi is suspected of irregularities in a number of player transfers involving Mr Henrotay. The Judicial Authorities are investigating the commission Mr Henrotay received and is looking into whether so-called “retrospective commission” was paid to a number of people involved in the transactions.  

Bruno Venanzi is also suspected of money laundering and fiscal fraud.

The search is not related to the major football scandal that broke in 2018 in which the football agents Mogi Bayat and Dejan Veljkovic were implicated. The investigation into irregularities surrounding the transfer of Junior Edmilson from standard to Qatar that came too light on Monday is also unrelated.


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