Betty Matthysen

Migrant brawl halts Belgian rail services

Police were forced to halt all rail traffic between the Walloon towns of Tournai and Mouscron/Moeskroen (Hainault) this morning following reports of a massive brawl involving around one hundred migrants.

It was around 9AM that the rail authorities stopped all services between the towns amid reports of around one hundred people in the vicinity of the rail tracks.  Local media speak of a fight between two groups of migrants.

Police attended the scene arresting fifty people.

“The Immigration department has been alerted.  The police will question those arrested and check their identity papers.  The nationality of those involved hasn’t yet been established” said police commissioner Philippe Hooreman.

The fight occurred not far from a motorway car park frequented by migrants eager to gain illegal access to the UK by hiding on board lorries. In the past tension has run high between different groups of migrants.

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