UK ambassador: “I’ve really enjoyed my time here so far”

The UK ambassador to Belgium has spoken of the importance of Brexit Day and efforts to reassure Britons and Belgians concerned about the Brexit process.

Martin Shearman spoke of an historic day when something important would happen: the UK leaving the EU, but he added existing rules and regulations would continue until the end of the year.

“The trade relationship with Belgium is extremely important.  Our objective is a comprehensive free trade agreement.”

Speaking to Rony Van Gastel Mr Shearman denied Brexit meant that the UK was turning its back on Europe: “We want a co-operative, positive partnership with Belgium.”

“We’ve been doing a lot of events around Belgium explaining to UK citizens how Brexit affects their rights. Under the Withdrawal Agreement the rights of Britons here and Belgians in the UK are protected. They can continue to live and work here and have access to health care and education.”

It’s also been a priority for the ambassador to visit Belgian businesses linked to the UK.

The ambassador, who has been here for seven months now, said he had enjoyed his time here so far and expected he would enjoy all his time here.  UK missions to Belgium, the EU and NATO would remain in Belgium after Brexit and there was still a lot to do in fields like defence relations, trade, police co-operation and cultural links.

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