Conditional bail for teacher accused of molesting 4-year-old

A primary school teacher from the Flemish Brabant municipality of Keerbergen that is accused of having molested a 4-year-old girl at a school in Mechelen (Antwerp Province) has been given conditional bail. His release has been confirmed by the Antwerp Judicial Authorities. The man in his twenties was detained two weeks ago after his alleged victim had told her parents that she had been molested at school. In the meantime the Judicial Authorities have received more allegations concerning the man’s inappropriate sexual behaviour towards children that were in his care. 

The Judicial Authorities say that the man has not yet been officially charged with relation to the fresh allegations. “The investigation is still on-going and we will investigate the new allegations further”, a Judicial Authorities spokesperson told VRT News.  

The Judicial Authorities confirmed that the teacher had been released on conditional bail and that in the meantime he will be given therapy to tackle his paedophilic tendencies.

The man had been working as a supply teacher at a school in Mechelen, midway between Brussels and Antwerp. A search of the man’s home found child pornography on his laptop. The Examining Magistrate dealing with the case decided that he should be remanded in custody for two weeks.  

In a letter to parents the school where the alleged assault took place said that teacher had been sacked as soon as the allegations came to light. The school also called for other victims to come forward.

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