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ING moves 45 banking jobs for London to Brussels

The Dutch bank and financial services group ING has announced that 45 jobs are to be moved from its operation in the City of London to its operation in Brussels. The announcement was made by ING on Friday morning. 

The jobs that are being moved from London to Brussels are 30 trading jobs and 15 risk management jobs.

As a result of Brexit the European Central Bank regards the UK as a third county. This has made the bank move a number of its operation to a country (in this case Belgium) that will still be in the European Union after midnight on 31 January.  

ING opted for Brussels as it already has infrastructure in place here. In 2016 and 2017 ING moved a number of jobs Brussels to London.

ING is keen to stress that the UK remains an important centre of financial market expertise for the bank.

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