Nicolas Maeterlinck

Three doctors acquitted at Ghent euthanasia trial

Three doctors that were being tried for death by poisoning at a court in the East Flemish city of Ghent have been acquitted. They stood were standing trial for the death of Tine Nys, a woman that had died after euthanasia had been administered. The trial has been the source of debate about Belgium’s euthanasia laws since it got under way earlier this month.   

The jury’s decision to acquit the three medics came after hours of deliberation and was met with loud applause. Those that had stood trial expressed their relief at their acquittal. The family of Tine Nys and their barrister refused to comment.

The trial lasted three weeks and draw to a close on Thursday. The jury retired to deliberate on whether the three doctors that stood accused of death by poisoning were guilty of the accusations made against them. Their conclusions were announced at around 1am on Friday morning.   

Speaking after the verdict reached by the 12 members of the jury was announced Tine Nys’ former GP, who had advised that she should be allowed to end her life through euthanasia due to her extreme physiological suffering and the psychiatrist that said the same when he gave a second opinion Lieven Thienpont expressed their great relief that the jury had ruled to acquit them.

Their families too and their legal team were relieved that the trial was over and the accused had been acquitted.

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