What's new? alcohol ban in downtown Brussels

The City of Brussels is introducing a ban on alcohol in the pedestrian precinct in the centre of the city.  The consumption of alcohol in public is being banned between the hours of midnight and 6AM.

The City has been sparked to action following a wealth of complaints about noise disturbances, unsanitary conditions, vandalism and theft.  Often people who were drunk were involved.

The alcohol ban covers the area between the Fontainas Square and the De Brouckère Square and includes the entire Anspachlaan.  It is bounded by the Munt Square, the Anspachlaan and side streets and the Kleerkopersstraat and the Zuidstraat.  Anybody caught with alcohol will have to hand in their beverage and faces a 350 euro fine.

Alcohol consumption will be allowed on pavement cafes that possess a licence and during commercial, festive or sports events authorised or organised by the City.

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