Koen Geens asked to form the federal government

The vocabulary of Belgium’s political crisis has been extended further after King Filip on Friday appointed Koen Geens as the “royal assignment holder”.  The appointment means that the role played by informateurs Georges-Louis Bouchez (Francophone liberal) and Joachim Coens (Flemish Christian democrat) to seek a way out of the political crisis is at an end.

The appointment came as a surprise to many.  Last Tuesday King Filip extended the task entrusted to Mr Coens and Mr Bouchez after they had been in the job for seven weeks. Unexpectedly, the informateurs reported to the king on Friday and he ended their task.

Mr Geens, who has been negotiating on behalf of his Flemish Christian democrat party, has been asked to form a new federal government.  It’s the first time this has happened since the 26 May 2019 general election.  Mr Geens will work on the basis of the work and the report drawn up by the informateurs.  He will talks with all parties.

The fact that Mr Geens is acceptable to all parties and has great experience are seen as elements why he was chosen.  Mr Geens is a deputy prime minister and justice minister in the caretaker government. Earlier he served as finance minister.

Nicolas Maeterlinck

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