50 football fans involved in mass brawl

Around 50 supporters of the Belgian First Division clubs Royal Antwerp FC and Club Brugge were involved in a mass brawl at Wommelgem just outside Antwerp on Sunday. The people had been tipped off that the supporters had planned to clash and were able to intervene quickly. The supporters have already been given a 15 day ban from entering any stadium in Belgium. Other measures may follow.    

Royal Antwerp FC and Club Brugge played what was a top of the table clash in Bruges on Sunday afternoon. Away from the field of play two groups of supporters from the rival teams had arranged a fight at a roundabout in Wommelgem, just east of Antwerp.

Willem Migom of the Antwerp Local Police Service told VRT News that “We received information about the planned fight which meant that we were able to get to the scene quickly and in force, which meant that the fight didn’t last long”.  

One person was injured and was taken for treatment to a local hospital. The other hooligans were taken to a police station on the Noorderlaan in Antwerp.  

Additional sanctions?

During the course of the night all of those involved in the fight were released.

"The football magistrate decided straight away that all those involved should be ban from entering football stadiums for the next 15 days. The police will continue the investigation to see whether additional sanctions are appropriate”, Mr Migom added. 

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