Flemish Youth Council launches campaign for greater diversity in the media

The Flemish Youth Council has launched a new video campaign to provide tips to help decision makers promote greater diversity in the media. The #KijkNaarOns campaign aims to draw attention to fact that the increasing diversity of our society is often not reflected in the media. In a statement released on Monday morning, the Flemish Youth Council says that “We are striving for media in which both efforts are made for diversity both in front of and behind the screen without falling into clichés”.    

The Flemish Youth Council has formulated 12 concrete recommendations. These include a recommendation that an annual study be carried out into diversity in the media. Good practices should be share between media players and media makers should be trained in issues surrounding diversity. Meanwhile, the Flemish Youth Council wants colleges and university to pay attention to diversity in the media courses they offer.

The 12 recommendations have been summarised into 8 tips that have been recorded onto to videos that will been shared on YouTube and social media.

During the week volunteers from the Flemish Youth Council will visit the Flemish Media Minister Benjamin Dalle (Christian democrat), the VRT and Flanders’ largest commercial media company DPG as part of the #KijkNaarOns campaign.   

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