US Army on its way to manoeuvers via the Port of Antwerp

A first ship carrying US military material docked at the Port of Antwerp on Monday morning as part of an American military operation on the European mainland. Over the next few months thousands of vehicles and US Army personnel will pass through the temporary military zone that has been set up in the docks.   

Defender Europe 20 is the largest American military manoeuvre in Europe for 25 years. A total of 37,000 soldiers from 18 NATO members are taking part. The American troops and material will arrive in Europa through several European ports including Antwerp.  

The first of what will be a number of ships docked at the Antwerp Euroterminal in Beveren (East Flanders) on Monday. It was carrying 200 items of military material, including 150 vehicles. The Belgian Army is coordinating the refuelling of the American vehicles.   

During the next few month a military zone, varying in size between 20,000 and 125,000m². 5 American and 2 British ships will deliver 3,000 military vehicles vehicle. 6,000 soldiers will also pass through Antwerp.  

There final destinations will be in Germany and  Poland. The Belgian Army says that disruption will be kept to a minimum with the vehicles being moved out the docks during night time hours (9pm – 5am). The manoeuvres will carry on until mid-May.


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