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100 fines already issued to those breach alcohol ban in Brussels’ pedestrianised zone

In the first weekend since the consumption of alcohol in the street was banned in the pedestrianised zone in downtown Brussels, police in the capital have issued 100 fines for those failing to observe the ban.  Since Saturday 1 February it has been prohibited to consume alcohol on the streets around the Brussels Stock Exchange building between midnight and 6am. The ban was brought in due to numerous complaints about noise nuisance, anti-social behaviour, vandalism and thefts.   

Despite the ban having been announced some time ago not everyone appears to be aware that it is in force. Olivier Slosse of the Brussels-Capital-Elsene Local Police Service told VRT News that "We have noticed that not everyone is aware of the ban.

We have put up some signs in the area, but note that this can be improved. We are also going to communicate via social media to make it clear that drinking alcohol in the pedestrianised zone in the city centre is no longer permitted between midnight and 6pm”.

You are still allowed to have alcohol on your person, but not to consume it on the public highway.

“You are allowed to have alcohol on you, but if you are in a noticeably inebriated state then there is an issue”. Those caught flouting the ban can be fined up to 350 euro. Drinking a glass of beer, wine or spirits on a pavement terrace or and an organised evening within the pedestrianised area is still permitted.   

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