1,100 euros is now the average flat rent in Brussels

Last year rents of all types of accommodation increased by 3.7%.  Flemish Brabant remains the most expensive Flemish province, while Antwerp is the dearest city in the Flemish provinces.


The figures come from the Confederation of Flemish Estate Agents, who report that nearly 38,000 new rent contracts were signed last year.


 Fortunately in the Flemish provinces flat prices are a little cheaper than in Brussels. 719 euros, that’s what you will pay on average today for a flat in Flanders.

Last year rents rose for all types of rented accommodation: flats, semi-and detached houses, mansions, studio apartments and rooms.  Two-thirds of all the accommodation rented were flats. They rose 3.2% on average last year.  Today you will pay 800 euros on average to rent a flat in Flemish Brabant, our most expensive province. Rents for rooms (+9.1%), detached houses (+7.4%) and mansions (+4.7%) rose faster than flat prices.


 Rent a flat in the Flemish capital Brussels and this will set you back 1,106 euros on average.  Antwerp is the most expensive city in the Flemish provinces.  There you will pay 916 euros/month – down from 938 euros in 2018.  Antwerp is followed by Leuven (811 euros), Mechelen (778 euros) and Ghent (754 euros).


 In Brussels flats make up 83.5% of the rented accommodation market. Here the priciest boroughs are Ukkel, Sint-Pieters-Woluwe and Oudergem, where average flat rent topped 1,200 euros.



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