“Flanders unlikely to meet 2020 renewable energy goals”

Today is Grey Day in Belgium.  This means that if we had started the year only using renewable energy, reserves of this form of energy would now have been exhausted for the rest of the year.  Belgium is performing poorly if compared to its European peers.  Belgium hardly made any headway last year adding only one day to its green energy tally.

The figures suggest that Belgium won’t meet its 2020 targets for renewables. At the end of 2018 9.4% of energy came from renewables, a 0.3% increase on the year.  The target for 2020 is 13%.

Annemie Bollen of the SERV (Social Economic Council for Flanders) suggests Flanders has egg on its face: “Flanders seems largely to blame for the fact we’ll not meet the 2020 target.  The effort has been divided up between the regions, but Flanders isn’t meeting its renewable energy goals. Goals for energy conservation aren’t met either.  Wallonia seems to be managing and possesses a surplus.  The surplus seems insufficient to compensate for Flanders”.

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