Belgian is Chanel’s new star model

Brussels singer Angèle is the new star at fashion house Chanel.  Angèle models the French fashion house’s new sunglasses’ collection. 

With Angèle Chanel hope to reach people it usually can’t get through to.  The singer is famous for her very alternative, typically Brussels style that does contrast somewhat with the classic elegance the fashion house usually projects.

Aurélie Van de Peer is a fashion sociologist. She speaks of a win-win situation: “Angèle reaches an alternative sector of the market that usually isn’t interested in a classic brand like Chanel. Classic fashion houses regularly tip their toe in the water to discover who is up-to-date with the latest trends.  An artiste like Angèle is better placed to feel what is going on in artistic, creative and social circles than a fashion house like Chanel.  She provides Chanel with credibility that they do not possess among a particular group of consumers.”

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