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New on the list of “bottleneck professions”: tax inspector, child minder and shop assistance

A further 22 professions appear for the first time on the list of so-called “bottleneck professions”, jobs for which employers have difficulty finding sufficient suitable candidates. Many of the 188 professions that appear on the list are technical in nature.   

The list is revised annually. A profession must fulfil one or more of the following criteria in order to appear on the list.  

1.  There must be too few people being training for employment in the particular profession.

2.  The candidates for vacancies in the profession don’t have the correct skills.

There must be specific employment conditions for example a lot of weekend work, low wages, a lot of stress...

Mostly technical jobs

Each year more professions are added to the list. Many of the professions on the list are jobs for which a lot of older employees have retired in recent years.

For the past decade, technical jobs have featured prominently on the list. This is because there is a shortage of technically trained candidates. Furthermore there is increased demand for technically trained candidates.

Another point is the aging population. As the population is becoming older more nurses and carers are needed to look after the growing number of elderly. There is also a shortage of candidates to teach in primary schools in the cities and the areas near to cities. The hospitality industry also has difficulties finding staff.    

New on the list

·        Steel fixer

·        Line manage0 IT

·        Tax inspector

·        Manager hotel restaurant

·        Line manager hotel restaurant

·        Polyvalent hotel employee

·        Sommelier

·        Polyvalent restaurant employee

·        Shop assistant

·        Nautical tools expert

·        Pastry chef, chocolate maker, ice cream maker

·        Semi-automatic welder

·        Operator construction and assembly

·        Operator pharmaceutical  industry installations

·        Paper or cardboard machine operator

·        Gardener

·        Technologist medical imagery

·         medische beeldvorming

·        Teacher nursey and primary education (above all an issue in and around cities.

·         Head child minder

·        Child minder

·        Life guard

Professions that are no longer on the list

·        Insulator building shell and roof

·        Kitchen worker

·        Technician graphical industry

·        Preperation and supply operator weaving industry  

          Body work constructor

·        Agricultural worker

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