White powder sent with letter to nationalist leader’s home turns out to be flour

A suspicious letter sent to the home of the Mayor of Antwerp and leader of the Flemish Nationalist Party N-VA, Bart De Wever, has been found to have contained noting more sinister than flour. The news that the contents of the letter were harmless comes from the Antwerp Local Police Service. On Friday the Civil Protection Agency was called to Mr De Wever’s house in the Deurne area of Antwerp after a letter containing white powder had been sent there. An area around the house was cordoned off and the letter was taken away for examination. 

Sven Lommaert of the Antwerp Local Police Service told VRT News "At around ten past seven we received a call and we started the procedure. The fire service and the police came to the scene and the area around the house was cordoned off”.

It is not known who exactly found the letter or if Mr De Wever was at home when the incident occurred.

The Civil Defence Agency took the letter away for tests. "The tests show whether the contents are dangerous or not. In 99% of cases it is a threat or a sick joke containing a harmless substance. However you can never know for sure and the procedure is always started”.  

The results of the tests show that the letter contained nothing more sinister than flour.


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