Basketball women off to Tokyo

Belgium’s national women’s basketball team the Belgian Cats have earned a place in the women’s basketball competition at this year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo. In a hard-fought game against Sweden in Ostend (West Flanders) on Sunday, the Belgian Cats won 53-61.  

The Belgian Cats were on the prowl from the outset. However, the Swedes had clearly done their homework and weren’t giving anything away.

The Belgians became more and more nervous and found it increasingly difficult to crack the Swedes.

The Cats were too lacklustre in the attack and there were also some issues in defence. An exceptionally poor second quarter by the Belgians saw the Swedes end the first half 23-21 in front.   

Belgium came into the second half on the offensive and this paid dividends. The Swedes were left gasping for air and were unable to reach the standard that they had shown during the first half.  

Emma Meesseman almost single-handedly pushed herself and her teammate towards a place in the Olympics. The Swedes put up some resistance, but it proved insufficient and Belgium ended 53-61 winners, much to the delight of the players, the coaching staff and the crowd in Ostend.  

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