Belgium’s most famous sex worker registers at Leuven University

Sigrid Schellen, the Belgian sex worker who shared insight into her life with millions of TV viewers, has registered for courses of philosophy at Leuven University.  The young woman says that it will be easy to juggle her job and studies.

Last year the 32-year-old sex worker from Limburg had Flemings glued to their screens as she explained her love for her work: “It’s a dream.  I determine my work rhythm and I don’t do anything I don’t want to.  Ideally you can combine it with being a mum.”

Sigrid still loves her job, but now she wants more from life.

“I’ve always wanted to study philosophy and now I can do it!  My job is flexible and easy to combine with my studies.”

“I’ll have to work after my hours at Leuven University.  I do need an income.  Fortunately I have my family and they want to help e.g. by taking care of my daughter.”

Sigrid understands more and more students are opting for sex work to pay for their studies: “When you realise you can earn more in an hour than in a whole weekend, then you know why you choose it!”

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