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Get a discount by leaving an item in your digital shopping basket!

“Leaving an item in your digital shopping basket when you are browsing online is certainly worthwhile” says online marketing expert Ines Lotfi.  She explains that when you accept cookies when you are browsing websites online, you give companies permission to follow your browsing. As a result web shops can see which products you have looked at and offer you individualised discounts on items you have shown an interest in.

A discount will not always be forthcoming, but the more data you provide to the web shop, the higher your chances.

“Definitely if the web shop has your email, they will try and convince you by email to buy their product.”

“When you click on a Facebook ad, Facebook knows you’re interested.  There’s a big chance that in subsequent days a discount code will appear in your timeline.”

If your purchase isn’t urgent, leaving it in your shopping basket for up to 48 hours could land you a discount.  This is the usual timeframe in which web shops act.

Programmes that alert you when discount codes for a particular web shop become active can be downloaded.  The most famous is called Pouch.  Such programmes can be downloaded to your browser.

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