Coronavirus: expat and Belgian brought home to Belgium from China on UK flight

Two more people have been repatriated home to Belgium from China on board a UK government flight.  They have immediately been quarantined.

The two people, a Belgian and an EU national living here, earlier informed the Belgian authorities of their wish to leave Wuhan, the centre of the current coronavirus outbreak in China.  In Wuhan living conditions are pretty pear-shaped at the minute.

The flight organised by the UK government made stops in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.  Stringent safety measures were in force and the passengers were supervised by a medical team.

The Belgians join other nationals evacuated from China at the military hospital in Neder-Over-Heembeek (City of Brussels). One evacuated Belgian is recovering at the St Peter’s Hospital in Brussels.

The two newcomers are being kept separate while further tests are made.  The Belgian authorities say the two people are in rude health and are not displaying any symptoms. Results of the tests should be in tomorrow.

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