Another stormy night

Storm Ciara might have passed, but once again there were high winds and downpours of rain and hail at many locations across Flanders. High winds caused a 300m² section of the roof of AA Gent’s Ghelamco Arena to come loose. In Kortemark (West Flanders), the 200 solar panels were blown off the roof of a brick factory.     

Just a day after Storm Ciara battered our region a new front bringing with it gust of high winds and localised thunder storms swept across Flanders.

VRT News received reports of intense hail storms in the area around the River Leie (East and West Flanders), Ghent (East Flanders) and Brussels. In the East Flemish city of Ghent part of the roof of AA Gent’s Ghelamco Arena came loose. Some of the corrugated iron roof blew off and landed on the car park of an adjacent supermarket. The Fire Service carried out check to ensure the rest of the roof was still secure.   

It is not yet clear how long it will take to repair the damage.    

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Elsewhere, high winds seriously damaged a solar energy facility in the West Flemish municipality of of Kortemark. More than 200 solar panels were blown off the roof of the Weinberger brick factory, damaging not only the factory building, but also a near-by storage facility.   

Cars parked near to the factory were also damaged. Two near-by houses sustained damage to their windows and walls. One of the solar panels also damaged the air conditioning system of an hotel.

According to the latest weather forecast, guts of high winds (up to 90 km/h) will continue throughout the day. It will remain mainly dry. Rain is expected over the coming day.

continue Volgens de laatste weersvoorspellingen blijft het vandaag hard waaien met rukwinden tot 90 kilometer per uur. Maar op de meeste plaatsen wordt het wel droog. De komende dagen krijgen we regen. 

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