Laurie Dieffembacq

Brussels City Council gives green light for new tram link

Monday evening’s meeting of Brussels City Council gave the green light for a new tram link between the Neder-Over-Hembeek district in the north of the city and Brussels City Centre. All being well the new tram route, between the Military Hospital and the Rogier metro station, should open in 2025. Work starting on the tram link is subject to the approval of the Brussels Regional Government.  


The new tram route project has come about after extensive consultations with local residents. They were able to express their preferences about the route the tram should take and where trams stops should be built. Locals concerns about noise and other issues related to the construction of the tram infrastructure and the operation of a tram route near to their homes thereafter were taken into consideration.

The opposition said that while this is a positive point, opposition councillors still had question about the nuisance that might be caused to local traders and house prices as a result of the construction work.

The Brussels Alderman responsible for Transport Bart Dhondt (Flemish green) told the council meeting that "There were a lot of similar questions during the consultative process, there have been no other comparable projects that have resulted in a fall in house prices. On the contrary in other cities the value of property increased”. 

This is the route

The new tram will run from the Military Hospital in the north of Neder-Over-Heembeek to the Rogierplein in the centre of Brussels.

En route it will pass the centre of Neder-Over-Hembeek as well as areas such as the Solvay Site and the Tryraslaan, where industrial and office facilities are located. It will join the rout of the existing Line 3, passing by the Dockx Bruxsel shopping centre and Brussels North Railway station on its way to its terminus stop. It is hoped that work on the new tram route will be able to start in early 2023.   

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