Cyclist caught flashing along the banks of the Leuven Canal

A 48-year-old cyclist was detained by police in Hofstade (Flemish Brabant) after two women reported that he had deliberately shown them his private parts. The exhibitionist behaviour occurred along the banks of the Leuven to Mechelen canal. The man, who is from Antwerp, was released under conditions after questioning by an Examining Magistrate.  

The exhibitionist was riding a racing bike and wearing cycling attire when he flashed his genitals at a young woman that was on her way to school, Filip Van Steenbergen of the KASTZE Local Police Service told VRT News.   

A few days later the young woman came across the cyclist again at the same spot as where the flashing incident had occurred. This time he didn’t do anything untoward.

However, she had recognised him and she informed the police.  The police came straight away and the man was taken away for questioning. He appeared before an examining magistrate before being released under conditions. 

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