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More people than ever visiting food banks

A record number of people visited food banks in Belgium last year. Each month 168,476 people visited a food bank after having been referred there by a local poverty action group connected to the food bank (+5.9% on 2018). A further 152,524 people were referred by the local social services or by groups with no direct connection to the food banks, bringing the total number of people that use food banks to 321,000.

The figures were released during a press conference in the new HQ of the Brussels and Brabant Food Bank in the Brussels district of Neder-Over-Heembeek. The new building is larger and has a greater storage capacity.

Not only were there more visitors to food banks during 2019, but there were also a record number of gifts. Although the EU remains the biggest donor, the retail sector donated 17% more food and drink in 2019 than was the case in 2018.  

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