"Press 1 for an ambulance, press 2 for the police"

If future you will be asked to selected which emergency service you require before you are put through to an operator when you ring the 101 or 112 emergency numbers. The need for the new measure has come about as many callers rang the wrong number and had to be put through.  

The emergency number for the police is 101, while the number for the fire service is 112. However, many people call the wrong number and have to be put through.

The Interior Minister in Belgium’s care taker Federal Government Pieter De Crem told VRT News that “From today this will no longer be necessary than to the option menu. In all cases you are helped straight away”,

Furthermore, Mr De Crem believes that the new system will prevent the emergency services being called by accident, for example from a mobile phone inside someone’s trouser pocket.   

"It will make the provision of assistance even quicker and reduce the waiting times there sometimes were to zero. Mr De Crem added. The system has already been tested and no issues were found.  

The introduction of the new system is no coincidence as today is 11/2, the day on which the work of those employed at the emergency services dispatching 112 is put under the spotlight.  

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