Teargas used against students at jenever party

A party in the Marollen district of Brussels organised by a Flemish student association descended into pandemonium on Monday evening.  The Dutch vodka party got so out of hand after the consumption of large quantities of Dutch gin or jenever that the owners of the hall where the party was in progress decided to stop it.  The students – many of whom were inebriated as a result of drinking apple jenever – refused to accept the decision and the police had to intervene.

“Around 7PM the proprietors decided to halt the party.  The 340 students present were very unhappy.  They pelted security staff with bottles” says Ilse Van de Keere of Brussels police.

Police received several calls from local residents too.

“There were complaints about the noise and drunk students.  We tried to calm the students, but they continued to resist and pelted several police officers with projectiles.  In the end the decision was taken to use teargas.”

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