Where can I find Flanders’ best street art?

Street Art Antwerp has chosen a mural by the Ghent artist Kitsune as one of Belgium’s most beautiful murals. ‘Listen to Your Momma’ pictures a mother fox and her cub.

On its website Street Art Antwerp reveals where you can see Belgium’s best street art.  The organisation also staged a competition to stimulate interest in street art.

Jolien De Waele, alias Kitsune, says: “The Mother Fox keeps an eye on her cub just like she keeps an eye on the street”.

She has been involved in street art for two years now.

“It was my mum who encouraged me to paint.  Later with friends from the street art community I embraced murals. This work was inspired by the mother who lives in this house with her children.”

“A friend of mine is street art hunter.  He goes on the look-out for house fronts where you could put up a mural. He put a note in the woman’s letter-box and after a conversation I was given carte blanche!”

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