Asbestos in most official Flemish schools in Brussels

Asbestos is still found at eight out of ten Brussels schools belonging to the official Flemish schools network.  The schools are now asking the government for more cash to deal with the issue.

Asbestos used to be used in Belgium as a building material well into the Nineties, but as a carcinogenic is now banned.

In 2019 asbestos was removed from six schools in the Flemish and Belgian capital as a result of renovation work.  In the event of a clear risk the asbestos is removed immediately. Asbestos removal during minor renovation works costs official Flemish schools in Brussels around 70,000 euros a year. Grants only cover part of this cost.  Schools in Brussels cannot benefit from funds from the Public Flemish Waste Materials Company as is the case in Flanders proper.   

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