A hundred animals seized at repeat-abusers

Animal welfare inspectors have seized a new batch of over 100 animals at a farm in Pepingen (Flemish Brabant).  Three weeks ago farmers were again convicted of animal neglect.  It was the fourth time that they were convicted.  The farmers were sentenced to five months in jail plus a 40,000 euro fine but are appealing.

The seized animals include 76 sheep, 6 lambs, ten turkeys and ten chickens. Animal welfare officers say the animals were weak and suffering neglect.

“Many animals didn’t have any water.  When we gave them water it was clear they were extremely thirsty” said Yves Opsomer.

The farmers deny all neglect and say the animal welfare officers are exaggerating.

Animal welfare officers note that it’s the eleventh time neglect is observed.  Efforts to encourage the couple to change their ways have failed. The couple have now been banned from keeping animals – four times – but they then proceed to get the animals registered in their parents’ names.

The couple now face a fifth prosecution.

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