Carnavalsgroep De Gatspoëters

Thief returns 800 euros: “We shouldn’t have done it”

A carnival group from Opwijk (Flemish Brabant) were licking their wounds after an envelope with cash was stolen during the election of a carnival prince.  The envelope is believed to have contained 2,000 euros, but imagine the relief when days later they received a second envelope containing at least part of the money returned.  “We shouldn’t have done it” read the writing on the envelope.

The thief or thieves returned 800 euros but the carnival group De Gatspoëters is certain 2,000 euros went missing.  Less than half has now been returned by the repentant thief. However, the thief disputes the amount writing “it wasn’t 2,000 euros as claimed in the newspaper”.

The carnival group still intend to file a complaint with the judicial authorities and are eager to have the thief, who must be well acquainted with the world of carnival, identified.  

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