European School pupils protest against climate change

Pupils of Brussels’ four European schools (Ukkel, Woluwe, Elsene and Laken) are staging a protest to call for more ambitious climate policies. The youngsters' protest is taking place from 2pm on the Luxemburgplein in front of the European Parliament.      

The pupils of the four schools, many of whom are the children of EU civil servants or officials, were the first in Belgium to strike for the climate on 20 November 2018. This was just before Anuna De Wever and Kyra Gantois started a series of school strikes and demonstrations with the Youth for Climate movement.   

The pupils taking part in Friday’s action believe that the nothing has been done to make the policy changes needed to help slow down climate change. As well as in Brussels the pupils at the other European schools across the continent will also be demonstrating.  

In a press statement the youngsters says "Climate change is the biggest threat to us and so we want to have more say. In order to ensure that global warming remains under 2°C most developed countries need to take responsibility. They need to set an example by reducing their emissions by 11%”   

The teenagers have drawn up a list of how much each EU country needs to reduce its emissions. According to the list Belgium needs to immediately reduce its emissions by 13%. The climate strikers want this to be enshrined in law. 

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