Restaurant freeloader sectioned

A woman that for years ate at restaurants before leaving without paying has been sent to a secure psychiatric hospital. She had already been sentenced to almost nine year’s imprisonment after she was convicted of no fewer than 120 counts of freeloading. A psychiatrist working for the Judicial Authorities ruled that the woman is mentally ill and that her illness played a part in her criminal behaviour. 

There was a paten in her more than 120 offences. She ordered a simple meal such as a toasted sandwich or cheese croquettes with a drink such as cognac, coffee or a soft drink to wash it down. However, when the bill arrived she was unable to pay up.

The woman was particularly active at restaurants along the Flemish coast. This earned him the nickname “terror of the coast restauranteurs”. She amassed conviction after conviction and last July she was sent to prison for a total of 100 months. This time around the woman was being tried for five offences committed in Ghent (East Flanders).

During her trial the court decided to order a psychiatric report on the woman. The report concluded that the woman suffers from chronic psychotic disorder, meaning that she is not criminally responsible. As a result of this the woman has now been sectioned. She will be given treatment either in the psychiatric wing of a prison or in a secure psychiatric hospital.   

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