The first images of wolf Noëlla in daylight

The Nature and Woodland Agency has released the first pictures of the female wolf Noëlla to be taken during daylight hours. The images of Noëlla were shot by wildlife cameras in the Bosland nature reserve in Limburg Province. Marie-Laure Vanwanseele told VRT News that “These are the first colour images that we have been able to take of Noëlla. This gives us confirmation that she is alive and well and living in the area”.   

Noëlla was filmed at night by a wildlife camera in December of last year. However, these are the first daylight images of her.

Forest ranger Eddy Ulenaers told VRT News that “They are very clear photographs. They enable us to study Nöëlla’s external distinguishing marks. It at a later date there are several wolfs we will be able to distinguish her from the others”.     

Noëlla and a male wolf that has been given the name August are both living in the wild in the north of Limburg Province.

"August was in the area. There aren’t any clear photographs of him though, but it was clear that they were together. They are an established couple in the area. It is still too early to say, but of course there is a big chance that they will mate”, Mr Ulenaers added.

The mating season for wolves is this month so within the next couple of months we will know whether or not Noëlla is pregnant.  

Jan Loos of Welkom Wolf (Welcome Wolf) told VRT News that "There is nothing that indicates that they she won’t become pregnant. It will take a while, probably until April before we will be able to see”.   

Welkom Wolf says that there is every indication that we can expect the patter of tiny paws very soon.  

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