Another stormy Sunday

Just a week since Storm Ciara brought heavy rain and high winds to Flanders, the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) forecasts gusts of high wind and localised heavy downpours of rain for Sunday. The stormy weather is expected as a result of Storm Denis that will pass over areas to the north of us during the weekend. Conditions with be nothing like as adverse as during Storm Ciara and the 1722 hotline for non-urgent interventions by the emergency services has not been activated. Nevertheless, a code yellow weather warning will be in force between 2am and 11pm on Sunday. In Brussels all parks will be closed to the public as a precautionary measure.

Storm depression Dennis will pass over Iceland and Northern Scotland. Belgium is just inside the south-eastern edge of the area in which Storm Dennis will have an influence on weather conditions. The VRT’s weatherwoman Sabine Hagedoren warns that we can expect stormy weather on Sunday with gusts of wind reaching 100 km/h. Heavy rain is also forecast for Sunday afternoon and evening.

Gusts of between 70km/h and 90 km/h are forecast for the whole county with gusts of 100 km/h a distinct possibility in some locations. Temperatures on Sunday will reach a very mild 15°C. Sabine Hagedoren advises us to “be careful “when venturing out.

This is also the adive of the RMI. The Bussels Environment Agency (Leefmilieu Brussel) has announced that all regional parks in the capital will be closed tot he public from 6pm on Saturday evening until Monday morning. Motorists are advised not to park under trees and to keep their distance when driving. If you have a garden or balcony you are advised to take anything that might blow away in doors. 

Saturday’s forecast

Saturday will be cloudy with cloud increasing from the northwest. There will be some rain during the afternoon. Temperatures will top 7°C on the hills on the Ardennes and 12°C in Flanders. Wind speeds will increase as the day goes on with gusts of between 60km/h and 70 km/h in some locations.  

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