COVID-19: Bpost suspends postal service to China

From today (Saturday 15 February) the Belgian post office Bpost is suspending postal services from Belgium to China. The decision to suspend the sending of parcel and letters to China has come about as a result of the logistical issues caused by the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

Bpost is asking customers with letters or parcels not to hand them in a post offices or post points as they won’t be sent. The measure is a temporary one and is a result of transport issues.

B-post’s Barbara Van Speybroeck told journalists that “It is a measure that we have been forced to take. We would like things to be different, but there are currently no flights operating to China and this has an impact on our work. We are unable to send any post to China. Like other European postal companies we are also suffering the consequences of the novel corona virus”.

"There are no issues concerning letters and parcel that have come from China, we will definitely carry on delivering them and there is no risk to us doing this as the virus can only survive within living matter”, Ms Van Speybrouck added.

As cardboard and paper are not living matter there is no risk to health. 

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