Flanders and France join forces to protect coastal dunes

The Flemish Nature and Woodland Agency, the French national authorities and the Département du Nord’s Costal Conservation Agency (Conservatoire du Littoral) have signed a memorandum, the contents of which should ensure better protection for the area of dune land that stretches between the West Flemish coastal resort of Westende and the northern French port of Dunkirk.  

The partners intend to cooperate to conserve and restore the coastal dunes that are of great biological value. The dunes are well-known for the diversity of the landscape they create and the biodiversity that is on and among them.

On both sides of the border the dunes are under threat both by construction project and by them becoming overgrown with bushes. The authorities on both sides of the border have already taken a number of measures, including the drafting of a master plan for the whole area of dune land between Westende and Dunkirk.

An information leaflet has also been compiled and guided walks through the dune have been programmed in order to make locals and tourists aware of the vulnerability of the dunes and their ecological value.


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