COVID-19 Belgian leaves hospital

A Belgian that has spent the past two weeks in quarantine at the Saint Peter’s Hospital in the centre of Brussels has been allowed to return home. He was among a group of Belgians that were tested for the virus after having been repatriated from the Chinese city of Wuhan. The man was the only person among the group to test positive for the virus. 

The man was the only person among the group to test positive for the virus. While the other members of the group have been kept in quarantine at the Military Hospital in the Brussels district of Neder-Over-Heembeek, the infected man was taken to a special isolation unit at Saint Peter’s.  

On Saturday the man was given the all clear. The Federal Health Department said in a statement on Saturday evening that the man is no longer carrying the virus and as such poses no risk for those that come into contact with him.

Despite having tested positive for the virus and having been kept in strict isolation at the hospital, the man never displayed any symptoms of COVID-19.

Over the past two weeks the man’s level of COVID-19 infection gradually diminished. On Friday he tested negative for the first time.  

The Federal Health Department’s Spokesman Jan Eyckmans told journalists "The procedure stipulates that you then have to be tested the following day. On Saturday he tested negative again”.

The man was then allowed to leave hospital. He poses no threat to public health.

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