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Belgian fries at the chippy for discharged corona Belgians

Belgians and their spouses brought back to Belgium from Wuhan in China and quarantined at the military hospital at Neder-Over-Heembeek in Brussels have been allowed to go home.  Johan Smets is one of their number and he told VRT News about his experience.

Johan Smets from Stombeek-Bever in Flemish Brabant and his wife were among the eight Belgians discharged from the military hospital where they had been in quarantine out of fears they may have contracted the coronavirus.  As a true Belgian Johan first headed for a chippy on his discharge.  “When we were allowed to leave hospital, the whole family had a meal of chips!”

With typically dry Flemish humour he explained to our reporter that he had just got used to his military hospital bed: “At home I’ve got a boxspring, but I have to tell you nowadays hospital beds are not to be despised.  You can fix them the way you like.  I’d gotten completely used to it.”  

Johan describes his two week stay at Neder-Over-Heembeek as an exceptional experience: “You tell people about yourself, about what you miss.  A bond is created with others.  Eight new friendships started there.”

Today ordinary life returns for Johan: “At a quarter to seven the alarm clock went off.  We had to take our youngest to school.  My wife started to unpack our cases.  I’ll have to check what payments need to be made.  I hope I can get back to work quickly.”


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