Fire-fighter acrobatics in the European District in Brussels

Storm Dennis required Brussels fire-fighters to display their best acrobatic skills in the European District on Sunday as they attempted and succeeded to secure a panel that threatened to come off a new building.

In all the Brussels fire service received fewer call-outs than last weekend when Storm Ciara had the country in its grip.  Fire-fighters in the Belgian and Flemish capital had to attend 170 scenes.   Fire-fighters counted 36 fallen trees on their route as well as five inundated tunnels and streets.

Storm Dennis didn’t leave the Flemish periphery “Vlaamse Rand” unscathed either.  Here there were 300 interventions across Flemish Brabant.  Again fallen trees and electricity pylons were the main cause of concern.

Outside Diest a dead tree came down on a house damaging the roof and solar panels.  Nobody was injured.  Several roads had to be closed as a result.  In Kampenhout the wind pulled roof insulation off.

Meanwhile in Kapelle-op-den-Bos a portaloo went walkies travelling through the centre of the town.

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