Jimmy Bolcina / Photo News

Detectives search office of KV Oostende Chairman

The West Flemish Judicial Authorities have carried out a search of offices at the training complex used by the First Division football club KV Oostende. The offices were searched as part of an investigation into the club’s Chairman Frank Dierckens and Mr Dierckens’ companies.

KVO Oostende’s spokesman Bram Keirseblick told VRT Sport that a search had taken place, but it is not part of any investigation into the club.

In a short statement sent by e-mail the West Flemish Judicial Authorities wrote “A number of searches were carried out this morning as part of an investigation into Mr Frank Dierckens’ and his companys' business activities. The working of football club KV Oostende is not under investigation”.  

During the search no one was allowed in or out of building where KV Oostende’s offices are located. The Judicial Authorities have asked those at the club to refrain from any comment about the searches.

The businessman Frank Dierckens took over as Chairman of KV Oostende last year. The club from the West Flemish coastal city of Ostend has been forced to make savings and tighten its belt. Last year the club signed a take-over agreement with an American investment group.   

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