Belgium’s sole British roundabout to bite the dust

The municipality of Schilde is axing Belgium’s sole British roundabout, where drivers are obliged to drive round clockwise.  The local mayor denies Brexit had anything to do with the decision.  Dirk Bauwens blames “works on sewers”.

It is an almighty exception.  On all other Belgian roundabouts drivers are obliged to drive anti-clockwise, but in the Antwerp municipality of Schilde the roundabout on the Cirkellaan obliged motorists to imagine they were driving in the UK and drive clockwise round the rotunda.

“To be clear, this isn’t a classic rotunda” explains the mayor. “The Cirkellaan is a large circuitous road and in the middle there are even a number of houses. This bizarre roundabout is a legacy from the past.”

“There used to be forest paths here that were hardened over time.  Rules didn’t allow us to turn the Cirkellaan into a normal roundabout.  By obliging drivers to drive clockwise we made sure motorists coming from side streets wouldn’t have right of way.”

Within six months Belgium’s only British roundabout will be a thing of the past.  “It’s got nothing to do with Brexit” Mayor Bauwens confides.  “We’re renovating the entire avenue.  The street will become narrower and will get a cycle path. Signs will ensure drivers on the roundabout have the right of way.”   

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