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Rudy’s been eating chips every day for 32 years

Rudy Gybels from Schaffen in Flemish Brabant Province is somewhat of a medical miracle.  He’s been eating Belgian fries or chips every day for 32 years and still isn’t overweight.  Rudy says you need to eat what you like and perhaps that’s part of his secret, though this is disputed by health professionals.

Every day Rudy heads off to the local chippy for his portion of fries, but 32 years on he isn’t facing a single health issue.

“I always eat my chips at home, because I can never easily decide what sauce I want.  I do it every night except when I’ve got the flu. That happened once and even then I missed my chips immensely. I felt my body was asking for chips.”

Rudy’s daily habit started when he was 14: “I’m not bothered about whether it’s healthy or not. In life you should do and eat what you like!”

Health expert Tanja Callewaert says it’s not a good idea to eat chips on a daily basis: “I’d like to know what else he eats.  Potatoes are healthy.  If they are made ready in a vegetable fat, it’s not too risky.”

“If this guy doesn’t vary his diet as a whole, then he could be short on vitamins and minerals.  If he’s not overweight, then that means his calorie intake isn’t too big.”

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