Police detain exhibitionist in Berlare

Police in the East Flemish municipality of Berlare have detained a man on suspicion of involvement in a number of incidents of exhibitionism over the past few weeks. The man travelled around the area in a white van and asked women and young girls for directions while he was in a semi-naked state. Officers from the Berlare/Zele Local Police Service detained the man at his home. 

The exhibitionist had been a cause for concern to many in Berlare and the surrounding area during the past few weeks. The exhibitionist is a 46-year-old man of Portuguese descent that lives in Zele (East Flanders).

Police spokesman Johan De Bruycker told VRT News that "Thanks to the attention given to the case in various media were received a number of useful tips that we investigated”.  

The police in Berlare received five reports of the man’s exhibitionist behaviour.  The neighbouring Hamme/Waasmunster force received two reports. They two launched an investigation.

The man has been officially detained and has appeared before an Examining Magistrate, who has remanded him in custody. He has confessed and is now in prison on remand. The investigation is still ongoing. However, as yet no more serious allegations against the suspect have materialised.  

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