“It’s an addiction” admits discount voucher huntress

Starting in March supermarket chain Colruyt is taking action against customers who make what it sees as excessive use of discount vouchers.  In future no more than five discount vouchers will be allowed for one and the same product. That is if you buy the same product five times. 

Sophia Vercammen, a consumer who admits she is addicted to discount vouchers says: “95% of voucher collectors will be pleased with the measure.”

Sophia, who in the voucher community goes by the name Couponing Soof, provides tips on how to lead a thrifty life via her Facebook page of the same name:

“It’s hard to stop.  When I go to the store and I don’t have the necessary coupon, then I’m devastated.  I spend an incredible amount of time on collecting coupons.”

Sophia says the best purchase is the one of something you actually need.  She explains many people start hunting vouchers out of need, because they are short of readies, but fortunately for her this is now a thing of the past.

Sophia welcomes Colruyt’s move: “95% of coupon hunters will be pleased with the measure.  We regularly encounter empty shelves.  It’s extreme coupon hunters who are to blame.  One client walked up to the Colruyt check out with 7,000 vouchers.  That’s excessive.  Fortunately, it’s the exception.”

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