Nicolas Maeterlinck

Gangsters break into the Royal Mint

Two men, who were about to steal bags of cash from Royal Mint premises in Brussels, have been detained.  A possible third suspect is still on the run.  

Brussels prosecutors have confirmed that at least two men forced their way into the building on the Pachecolaan in Brussels on Thursday night.  They were about to steal several bags filled with euro coins when they were arrested.  The alarm was activated.  Police attended the scene and were able to detain two suspects.

The two were not armed but face charges of housebreaking.  Prosecutors say that the two suspects are known to the judicial authorities on account of serious crimes. The suspects have meanwhile been released and ordered to appear in court on 5 March.

Security guards saw a third man flee the building.  It’s unclear whether he was able to abscond with any booty. When police searched the entire building they were only able to detain two suspects.

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