Airport police work-to-rule continues, up to an hour’s extra wait at Zaventem

Those travelling to destinations outside the Schengen Area face delays once again on Monday as the work-to-rule by the Airport Police continues. At the country’s biggest airport, Zaventem, near Brussels, passengers can expect additional delays of up to an hour at passport control at peak times.    

Officers of the Airport Police Service have been staging a work to rule since Friday in protest at staff shortages and a shortage of equipment.  

On Saturday morning there were delays of around 45 minutes. However, waiting times returned to almost normal by Saturday afternoon when passenger numbers had diminished.   

The work to rule will continue for the rest of the week. Brussels Airport, the company in charge of running the airport at Zaventem, asks passengers to arrive at the airport in good time in order to take into account any eventual additional delays.

Passengers are also advised to travel to the airport using public transport if they can as disruption on the roads leading to the airport can’t be ruled out.  


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