Graffiti artists asked to help brighten up drab tram tunnel

The Brussels regional transport agency Brussels Mobiliteit hopes to fight tags in the capital’s metro stations with graffiti art. Given the success of a project in the tunnel that gives trams access to the Lemonier underground tram stop in the centre of Brussels, Brussel Mobilitiet has now invited graffiti artists to submit their proposals to decorate the tunnel that gives trams access to the underground tram stop at the Simonis metro station in Koekelberg.    

The regional transport agency says that its aim is to revamp “lost spaces” and to better integrate them in the fabric of the city.    

On its website Brussel Mobiliteit writes “This call (for projects) is aimed at adults that are involved individually or collectively in painting murals.  

A budget of 20,000 euro per tunnel entrance (excluding VAT) has been set aside for the graffiti mural project.

Although Brussel Mobiliteit’s only criteria is that the project should fit into the urban environment, the agency does say that “a social and participatory element” in any project would be viewed favourably.  

Further information (in Dutch or French) can be found on the Brussels regional transport agency’s website.  

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