Big Ben to remain at Mini-Europe despite Brexit

The Mini-Europe attraction at the Heizel in Brussels will open for its 31st season on 14 March. The owner of the attraction that consists of scale models of some of the best-known buildings in what until 31 January 2020 were the 28 members of the EU has been forced make some changes due to Brexit. Nevertheless, the scale models of Big Ben and a number of other well-known buildings in the UK will remain at Mini-Europe.   

Over the years the number of models of buildings in the UK that are on display at Mini-Europe has grown steadily. These include Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the Royal Crescent in Bath and Dover Castle.

Since the end of last month the United Kingdom has no longer been a member of the European Union. Nevertheless, the owner of Mini-Europe Thierry Meeùs told the Brussels regional news platform Bruzz that models of British buildings can stay. “The buildings are beautiful and there are a lot of them. If we were to take them away there would be a big empty space that would be difficult to fill. From the air the park is like a map of Europe so you couldn’t just reserve the space for Serbia or another candidate for EU membership.  

The models will stay where they are albeit with a borderline around them and a scale model of a customs post. “In this way we make it clear that the United Kingdom is no longer part of the EU, but is a former member”.   

Furthermore all the information panels will need changing as there are now 27 member states instead of 28. This is also the case for the information packs issued to schools visiting the park and visitor guides. Brexit-related changes at Mini-Europe are expected to cost around 10,000 euro.       

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