COVID-19: 110 Belgians in quarantine in Tenerife hotel

110 Belgian holiday makers on a package holiday organised by the tour operator TUI are currently in quarantine in their hotel on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. An Italian guest at the hotel tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. It was an initial test and further analysis of the sample taken from the man will be carried out in order to be certain whether or not he is in fact infected.  

Around 1,000 holiday makers, including 110 Belgians, are staying at the holiday. They have been put under quarantine and are not allowed to leave.

In a press release the tour operator TUI writes “Currently TUI is in contact with the local authorities and the management of the hotel to get more information”.

The Italian man suspected of being infected with the virus is a doctor that is holidaying with his wife. He is from the north of Italy where 200 cases of infection with the COVID-19 virus have been recorded so far/  

He had been staying in the hotel for a week before he went to a local hospital complaining of fever and felling unwell. He is currently insolation at the hospital

Meanwhile TUI says that it will do all it can to keep those due to stay at the hotel in the coming days abreast of developments and that alternative accommodation will be found.   

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